Amber Compound Pharmacy Online Ordering Portal

Amber Compound Pharmacy is the online ordering portal that makes it easy for doctors and vets to get the prescriptions, custom medicines, and signed orders they need. Let our system do all the hard work for you in a modern and easy way.

Our convenient, fast, and secure way to order medications and have them delivered right to your door is what sets us apart from the competition.

We know that you’re busy and that time is precious. That’s why we offer a quick and easy way to get the prescriptions you need without having to leave your office or clinic. 

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Your Benefits


Exactly what you need, tracked and recorded.


Reminders and repeats are easy.

Less paperwork

Prescriptions are generated automatically.


Custom orders are easy too.

Ordering with us is easy

We handle the paperwork for you. When you place an order our system will generate the prescription for you, all you need to do is sign it when you collect your order.

  • Our system handles Signed and Prescription orders.
  • Patient name, repeats, directions of use and other details are included in the printed prescription.
  • Dosage form and Pack size is easy to choose from a list.
  • No payment is needed to place an order.
  • Our Loyalty Points rewards you with discounts towards your orders.

How It Works

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Place your order

Browse through our online database and place an order

We review your order

A prescription will be generated, our dedicated staff will contact you for order confirmation.

Collect or Deliver

We will compound the medication and deliver right to your door, or you can collect it.

Loyalty Points

Rewards Program

Every S$ 1 = 1 Reward Point

Limited time offer

Until 31st December earn double Loyalty Points

Get discounts

Redeem 200 500 Loyalty Points for a S$10 voucher until 31st December

Earn Points

Earn Loyalty Points based on Ordered Items, Custom Prescriptions earn Loyalty Points too

Frequently asked questions

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