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Are you a busy doctor or vet looking for an easy way to manage patient medication orders? Our prescriber’s portal is a comprehensive, streamlined system that saves you time and keeps your patients happy. Most orders are ready in three working days!

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Instant access to our entire database of compounded preparations anytime, anywhere.

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Reminders to ensure that your inventory never runs out.


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Earn points when you place an order through our prescriber’s portal.

Ordering with us is easy

When you place an order our system will generate the prescription for you, all you need to do is print, sign and email it back to us!.

  • Select from a wide range of available formulas or create your own.
  • Select your preferred dosage form and pack size.
  • All details entered are automatically transferred to a generated prescription.
  • Our loyalty program rewards you with discounts towards your orders.

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Print, sign and email the auto-generated prescription to us. One of our dedicated staff will contact you for order confirmation.

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Be rewarded

Earn Reward Points for every order placed

Earn Points

Every S$ 1 = 1 Reward Point

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Redeem 500 Reward Points for a S$10 voucher

Frequently asked questions

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